My name is Hyukwoo(Lyan) Kwon, I graduated from Art Center College of Design in spring 2015 as transportation design major. When I was in school for mechanical engineering, I worked on technical layouts of small vehicles. The more I became involved with cars, the more intrigued I was in the form and design, and this is when I decided to further my studies as transportation design major at Art Center College of Design.

In 2014, during the 6-month internship at a product startup company that was less than 3 years old, I learned many valuable lessons that I didn’t have the opportunity to encounter at school. I was fascinated by the relationship between the manufactured products and the process of bringing a new concept on to the current product market, and this led me to the industrial design field.

During this work experience, I felt more passionate about the interior design and function of cars, which had deeper relationship with human interface in a physical way. Not only that, but the more I worked with interior, the more I became interested in human related space and product element.

After graduating, I freelanced in couple of product design, which gave me the chance to do some restaurant branding and interior decoration. I believe the things I learned and experience from U.S.A will be a great addition. I am really driving for the future of the mobility interior design.